Avatel Employee Spotlight

We believe that the Avatel employees or as we like to say, our Avatel family members are our biggest asset, contributing to the success, innovation and advancement of our company.

Our spotlight page is an effort to recognize our employees that make a big difference and demonstrate behaviours that exemplify Avatel’s values. Avatel is dedicated to provide meaningful recognition for the accomplishments of our employees.

Check out the articles below and see for yourself the kinds of wonderful things our employees are doing behind the scenes at Avatel. We believe that life is too short to not have fun, and “Fun” is an important part of the Avatel culture.

 (See our 2015 Employee Spotlight Page)


Avatel’s 15th Anniversary

Each anniversary of our company’s beginning represents the end of a chapter and the simultaneous start of another. May 16th was a special day at Avatel. It was our 15th anniversary. This milestone anniversary was is a time for celebration and reflection. A look back at the incredible challenges and persistence that brought us to where we are today.
Milestones are an important way to reflect on where we’ve been and reaffirm our commitment for the future – and we all agree that those things are worth sharing and celebrating.

As part of our 15th Anniversary celebration, we decided to let loose and liven up the Avatel workplace with a Spirit Week. No question about it, Spirit Week at Avatel is one of our favorite weeks.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?”

The point of Spirit Week is to promote spirit and enthusiasm. Spirit Week at Avatel is also a time to let our creativity run wild. There’s just something about the camaraderie, big fun, and getting crazy with our teammates that really unites us as a company.

Spirit Week activities from May 15th to the 19th

Sweet Dreams Monday (Pajama Day) – We came to work in our comfy pajamas and cozy slippers and enjoyed fresh coffee, juice and a bagel buffet. We all enjoyed Pajama Day and the ultimate comfiness at Avatel.

Terrific Tuesday Celebration (Avatel’s 15th Anniversary Day) - We all celebrated the day in style in our 15th anniversary t-shirts and enjoyed a fabulous catered lunch and a commemorative anniversary cake. In the evening Steve Caphone form our Financial Partner CIT treated the team to happy hour.

Wacky Wednesday (Disco day) – We went back in time to the Disco era, with our sequins and bright colors, bell bottoms and flashy jewelry. We will also had the DISCO DONUTS mobile mini-donut cart come to the office to serve hot, fresh mini-donuts while playing Disco music on our patio.

Twisted Tacky Thursday (Crazy Mismatch Day) – We enjoyed a pizza lunch in our mismatched clothes, shoes, socks, wacky hair, etc. There were no rules, except to make a bold, fun impression from head to toe.

Fun in the Sun Friday (Beach Day) - We came to work dressed in our favorite beach attire (shorts and Hawaiian shirts, beach dresses, flip flops and straw hats). Enjoy water guns, a hula hoop contest and festive drinks from 3:30 – 5:30 on the patio. The Kona Ice truck will serve up your choice of tropical shaved ice drinks, along with our adult beverages at the Tiki bar.

Pictures from our 15th Anniversary Spirit Week

We are excited by this milestone and very proud of the business that we have built over the last 15 years. We are both extremely proud to look back on all we’ve accomplished and overcome as well as extremely excited about our future and the opportunities it brings.


Companies, like people, change over time, accomplishing things they didn’t once believe were possible. We believe, and always have, that it’s because of the great people in our organization that we are able to continue to achieve new goals and create opportunities at Avatel.

2016 was a year of great success for Avatel. It’s important to take time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished and acknowledge that our company performs at the level we do because of the talents and dedication of our people.

So, before we close the book on another year, we celebrated with each other during our 2016 year-end awards luncheon.

2016 Year-end Review

Avatel has established a culture where there is a passionate commitment to excellence characterized by high productivity, full engagement and dedication by all team members. As we look forward to the New Year ahead, it is an important time to reflect upon the contributions, accomplishments, and successes of our Avatel team members.

Sales Review

Our sales results for 2016 were quite impressive. We recognize that the sales group has consistently achieved, and often exceeded, their goals throughout the year.

We know such an achievement does not come easily, and we complement each of our sales representatives on their dedication and hard work. Avatel is fortunate to have such energetic, talented salespeople on our team and we look forward to more success in the future.

4th Quarter 2016 results 

  • Oct. Top Sales Performer was Jorge Rodriguez 
  • Nov. Top Sales Performer was Deb Woodford
  • Dec. Top Sales Performer was Fred Sternberg
  • 4th quarter overall Top Sales Performer was Fred Sternberg

Join me in congratulating our 4th Quarter Top Performers

2016 Top Sales Performers

Top System Sales Units for 2016 – Rujel Buggs with 87 Avaya IP Office systems sold
Top Sales Revenue for 2016 – Deb Woodford with 150% quota attainment

Join me in congratulating our 2016 Top Performers for their dedication and hard work throughout 2016! It is an honor for us to have Rujel and Deb on our team!

Service Review

One reason that Avatel is so successful is that we have dedicated employees whose efforts surpass what is required of them. Avatel has a Service group that consistently goes the extra mile for customers, colleagues, and the organization itself. The speed and efficiency of the people assigned to handle and manage service tasks contribute tremendously to Avatel’s growth and expansion. The spirit of this team blend together to create an environment that is, in one word, outstanding.

Service Review - Project Manager’s

Our PM’s exceed our customer’s expectations and bring a higher set of quality and customer service standards to our industry. Their desire and willingness fuel our mutual efforts and lead us to success.

  • 6,805 Service tasks managed
  • 5,247 Total orders managed
  • 360 Internal activity requests managed
  • 815 Products registered
  • 336 Configuration requests managed
  • 76,243 Total calls handled with a 99.96% service level

We thank our Project Management team for the fantastic job they do every day. Words just can’t describe how much they are appreciated.

Service Review – Avatel Engineers

We exist because genuine passion runs deep within our company. We have a team of highly experienced technical experts who are committed to delivering excellence to our customers and their co-workers.

  • 6,253 Service tasks complete
  • 340 Configurations completed
  • 510 Demos/Conference calls/Scheduled Customer and Tech support calls

The above does not reflect the additional work that is performed by our Engineer’s on a daily basis, such as: Systems programmed at Avatel, Field installs, Legacy dial-ins, does not include multiple configs for same customer. Numerous after-hours work on assorted projects.

The service our Engineer's provide, exceeds all expectations and guarantees Avatel’s continued success. We’re better because of them. We thank our Engineer’s for all they do!

Operations Review

The operations group drives flawless execution across all engagements. They are responsible for developing operating policies and processes, and driving operational excellence at across the organization.

Operations Review - Finance

The Finance Group processed 109,040 financial transactions. This includes; invoices, bill payments, credit cards, deposits, purchase orders and journal entries. This does not include CRM/Vault activity, contractor bill posting, invoice payments, and sales tax, as well as collection efforts for non-payment.

Operations Review – Human Resources

Avatel’s HR (Brandye) is responsible for functions such as Avatel’s payroll administration and commission reports. In 2016, HR processed a total of 1,078 HR functions related to missed punches, time corrections and time off requests. Avatel’s HR is also responsible for reviewing, securing, offering, and explaining Avatel benefits.

Operations Review – Purchasing and Procurement

Avatel’s Purchasing and Procurement team provides the right product, at the right price, at the right place and at the right time, to meet the needs of our customers and Avatel staff members. In 2016, the Purchasing Team placed 6,636 total orders for Hardware, software, maintenance, internal requests, and MOH orders. This does not include, returns, packing and shipping and other activities in 2016.

Operations Review – IT

Our IT dept. is responsible for setting up and making changes to Avatel’s existing workstations, maintaining operating systems, email, anti-virus programs, maintains and updates Avatel’s CRM and Vault. Installs and maintains all Avatel web-site setups, content, manages web software, and monitors site performance. In 2016 there were 133 major CRM updates and 11 Vault updates.

Our Empowered Operations Team has a significant reach and impact throughout the organization. We thank them all for making 2016 a success. We couldn’t have done it without them! 

2016 Continuous Improvement Program

The clue to successful continuous improvement is in the name. It must be continuous so that opportunities for growth can be highlighted, improvement made and measured and evaluated. Continuous improvement is as much about mind-set as it is about actions.

In 2016 we had 166 CI improvement suggestions. Out of the 166 suggested improvements, we had 95 approved and completed, 7 approved and in process and 10 still in review or on-hold.

For Avatel, continuous improvement is a way of life, not just a fad or program of the month. It is one of the keys to Avatel’s success.

2016 Avatel Star’s

We recognize our Avatel Star’s as:

“Rising Stars” For working to improve their performance and reach the next level of success.
“Shooting Stars” For being reliable, dependable, proactive, self-motivated and taking initiative.
“Shinning Stars” For the drive and the will to succeed, and consistently going above and beyond what their job requires.

The Management group at Avatel had these things to say as our Stars were recognized:

Rising Star – Yesie Valentin (PM) - Yesie has worked very diligently to develop a solid understanding of the processes associated with her role by always reaching for the next level of expertise. She continues to build upon this knowledge and her grasp of the principles of the position and applies these skills well in the course of her support of our customers. Great job Yessie!


Rising Star- Chris Perez (Engineer) - Chris only being here for a short time has absolutely slaughtered the tasks, along with growing his knowledge with the IP Office and IP telephony. He jumps at any opportunity for learning something new and with that motivation has been able to assist in the advance requests of customers. Thanks Chris for becoming a valuable member of our team!


Rising Star – Myra Ourso (Sales Associate) - Myra has been one of Avatel's most consistent AE's. Not only has she met or exceeded quota several years in a row. She is always focused, driven and on top of her calls, data, activity and updates. Myra is always willing to help her peers and has no problem pushing people to the "edge" so they can succeed. Thank you for being such a great team player and employee Myra.


Shooting Star- Frank Peraza (Engineer/Technician) - Frank is one to count on for any project. As his dedication and attention to detail to the job is unsurpassable. He is in early every morning and doesn't leave till the job is done. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication Frank!


Shooting Star - Annette Duarte (Finance) - Annette consistently works to manage a huge degree of the finance related tasks necessary to maintain the optimum workflow in the Operations department. She positively manages vendor, customer, and resource relationships. Thank you for your care and dedication to Avatel.


Shooting Star - Joey Martinez (Purchasing) - Joey is consistently vigilant in ensuring our ordering process is seamless and cost effective, he is always looking for the best savings for Avatel without prompting, and continued to take the initiative to grow and optimize his direct department for better productivity. He's taken on several new processes using vendor and manufacturer's websites to ensure orders flow in the most effective manner. Great work Joey, thanks for all you do!


Shooting Star – Tom Wood (PM) - Tom's approach to managing his projects reflects a high level of attention to detail and a conscientious effort to maintain visibility and control of every aspect of support. He does so by demonstrating the values associated with the spirit of this award. His reliability and proactive methodology make him a very valuable member of the Project Management Team. Great work Tom!


Shooting Star - Rujel Buggs (Sales Associate) - Rujel was a sales machine in 2016. What a year it's been for you. Personally, you had one of the biggest roadblocks a person could come up against, you took the big "C" head on and sent it packing. We can all hear you say "Ain't nobody got time for that". Professionally you kept focus and didn't skip a beat. Your dials and units have been consistently near the top. You wound up finishing top 3 with at least 2 months out and you were still able to increase your sales revenue from the previous year. Nothing will hold you back! Thank you for always wanting to be the very best.


Shooting Star - Deb Woodford (Sales Associate) - Deb consistently rises above and sets a positive example within the organization. Always willing to help her peers and support management when needed. She had a great year and with her continued dedication, focus and commitment she was able to increase her revenue substantially from the previous year. Proving that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Not only did you blow away your numbers. You made the biggest improvement overall, you were top overall sales for 2016 and top "Product" Sales for 2016. Congratulations and great job!


Shooting Star - Emily Woodford (Sales Support) - Emily is a valued employee and plays a huge role in supporting the Avatel Sales Team. She consistently works with the team and management to develop and improve that sales approval process although this is a tough role, Emily takes pride in job and we know that we can ALWAYS count on her to make the right choices and she will look out for the company and our employees. Emily thank you for all that you do. We love and appreciate you. Know that everything you do is valued and doesn't go unnoticed.


Shooting Star - Brandye Byers (Finance/HR) - Brandye made it her mission in 2016 to move beyond her existing responsibilities to take on a more management focused role in the Finance Department as team leader with the future goal of a true management role. She has been the primary owner of Finance oversight for the entire year and has taken the initiative to attend learning courses from external sources that provided more in depth understanding of financial mechanizations and overall financial planning. She took the initiative to learn more about the management of other departments to ensure she understands the integration and the decisions made that will ultimately impact the finance department and the organization as a whole. She consistently provides feedback and input to all departments at all levels. Thank you Brandye for your dedication and hard work!


Shining Star- Jon Damiani (Engineer) - All year, Jon has gone way beyond his initial work expectations. A dedicated hard worker that his day doesn't end at 5:00, but ends when the work is finished. Time and time again I've seen Jon put in 16 hour days and still come into work the next day. Always willing to take on additional responsibilities to help out the team. Thank you Jon for all your hard work and dedication.


Shining Star - Keon Hines (Purchasing) - Keon has really stepped up beyond the day to day tasks to learn inventory management, ordering, returns, etc. He's consistently communicating and providing feedback to better improve processes and works exceptionally well with the Sales and Service Team to manage and integrate their processes for seamless workflow of orders. Great job Keon!


Shining Star – Joe C. (IT) - Joe consistently is looking and implementing enhancements to our systems to ensure we have the tools necessary to ensure productivity as cost effectively as possible. He always looks for solutions to accomplish any programming request, never saying "not possible", until he has researched thoroughly and determined it is absolutely not possible. He has also developed a solution completely independently and offered Avatel first option to front market in 2017 as a potential new source of revenue for the business. Great work Joe!


Please join me in congratulating our Avatel Star’s!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their efforts throughout the year. The success of our company is built on the efforts of our team members and in this past year, we have enjoyed many successes. Thank you for the dedication, loyalty and commitment to Avatel.

No time of year ever feels as motivational or inspirational as the turn of the calendar into a fresh new year. It’s exciting, full of hope and promise.

This year, we are capturing “the Spirit of Possibility with No Limits”. We must be a company that looks beyond the confines of business convention and into a new future; a company who sees opportunity where others see obstacles, by demolishing barriers and revealing the virtually limitless opportunities ahead in 2017.

I want to thank each of our Avatel team member's for your contributions to Avatel's success in 2016. Without your commitment and high standards, we would not be the thriving company we are. I am very grateful for your efforts. I hope you all had an amazing year and feel a renewed commitment to the year ahead. 


December 2016

Thank you to all Avatel family members for helping to make our annual Christmas Toy Drive a huge success! We are so appreciative to everyone for making this year’s drive our most successful to date!  We would especially like to thank Angela for her thoughtful donation of bicycles.

At Avatel, we believe that Toy drives are a great way to support a very worthy cause - bringing the Christmas spirit to the less fortunate! Your donations brought smiles to the faces of needy children during a magical time of year, as they felt the joy of the season made possible by your kindness and generosity.

Avatel’s “Magic of Christmas” Party

There’s something about the holiday season that changes people, even if for a brief moment. Relationships are strengthened, hearts are mended, people forgive, and in some cases lives can be changed forever. It is truly is magic. We all must remember that believing doesn’t always require seeing. Just as younger children learn to believe in things they cannot see – like friendship, faith, and hope.

For me, the magic is about family, and happiness, and traditions and love. Throughout our lives, we need the capacity to believe: in ourselves, in our friends, in our talents, and in our family. We also need to believe in things we can't measure or even hold in our hands. I am talking about love, that great power that will light your life from the inside out.

What a joy it is to celebrate the Magic of Christmas with each other.

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each other’s burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes the Magic of Christmas. We should all retain a sense of wide-eyed wonder and understand that magical moments are possible, not only at Christmas but throughout the whole year!

November – Avatel Thanksgiving Harvest Brunch

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year when people celebrate the things they are most thankful for. The Thanksgiving holiday season is an opportunity to focus on, and be reminded of, the positive aspects of our work lives. In its earliest incarnations, Thanksgiving was rooted in work as it was a day to celebrate the hard-earned bounty of the harvest. 

The harvest has always been a beautiful and important part of life on earth, the time when the year’s work bears fruit and the people are fed. It is symbolic of bounty, health and abundance.

At Avatel, we celebrate the day before Thanksgiving with a Harvest brunch. This is a time we all gather together, enjoy good food and drinks, and show our gratitude to each other. We believe that gratitude is a powerful way to strengthen relationships and establish a positive workplace culture.

The power of appreciation and gratitude is especially felt on the holidays and during special times in our lives, but we can enrich our lives and contribute to creating a healthier and more satisfying workplace culture by practicing a little bit of gratitude every day. When we seek to expand gratitude and graciousness to our co-workers, we cultivate the emotions that create positive self-supportive energy within us all.

At Avatel, we have created a culture of gratitude, in which appreciation and positive energy are the norms rather than the exceptions, a culture in which people feel valued for their work and help those around to do the same. Leading with appreciation has created a positive work place culture for us all.

The person who plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others, harvests a crop of weeds. Any roots of bitterness, ungratefulness, pride, or jealousy, will destroy the possibility of an abundant harvest. If we want our lives to have an abundant harvest spilling over, we need to rip out the old roots and weeds and plant the seeds of kindness, care, compassion and gratitude.

At Avatel our harvest is always plentiful!



November 2016

The month of November at Avatel is all about “Thanks” and “Giving”. We believe that it is through thanks and giving that life’s greatest joys are created. When you give, you open your heart to life and allow great measures of abundance to come pouring in. And, when we are thankful we experience greater levels of optimism, positive mood and feelings of belongingness.

Giving is what keeps us connected. “It is more blessed to give than to receive”  is a simple truth, even self-evident, yet magnificently profound and powerful. By sincerely giving, we no longer must merely believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. By giving of ourselves, we know and experience the reality of that beautiful truth.

The unfortunate reality is that many families do not have the means to enjoy a hot meal on Thanksgiving Day. We believe that nobody in America should go hungry, especially at Thanksgiving. Every year, Avatel teams up with Metropolitan Ministries to provide holiday meals for struggling individuals and families in our community. Our food drive is a great way to provide a sense of hope for the day and warmth in their tummies and hearts.

This year we were able to donate 554 pounds of boxes and canned goods, along with 10 turkeys.

The more we give of ourselves, the more we strengthen our own unique aliveness. The gifts we give become part of the world around us, where they grow in value with each life they touch. Each day is rich with opportunities for you to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

November 2016 – Avaya Promotes Avatel to Diamond Level Partner

On November 1st 2016, Avaya announced the Avaya Edge program for fiscal year 2017, its newest global channel partner program. Avaya Edge replaces Avaya Connect, which launched nine years ago. The overall goal of the Avaya Edge Program is to drive a high level of customer satisfaction by supporting and empowering the partners' long-term growth and profitability by providing the tools to succeed.

The Avaya Partner levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Authorized) moved to the new Avaya Partner Gem levels as part of the Avaya Edge program. The new Avaya Edge Gem levels for Partners is now Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald.

Throughout the years, Avatel has been recognized for revenue growth achievement, has acquired the highest level of credentials in sales and design, and has demonstrated excellence in customer satisfaction. However, under the old Avaya Partner program we were unable to move from a "Silver" level partner status.

With that said, the Avaya Leadership Team made a visit to Avatel to reveal our new Avaya Edge Gem level. The Avaya Team held a celebration at the Avatel office to announce our promotion to Diamond status. We appreciate Avaya's recognition of our many years of hard work and dedication to excellence.

The new Diamond level partner status, is the highest ranking available. Reaching Diamond level with Avaya speaks to the standard of excellence, and is reserved only for partners that have demonstrated commitment and results.


Diamond Celebration at Avatel

In the business world, Diamond status has always been the pinnacle of achievement. We are very proud of our Avatel staff members for achieving Avaya's exclusive Diamond Partner Gem level.




October 2016

At Avatel, we believe that recognition serves as a tool for reinforcing the behaviors that drive excellence. Our recognition creates an environment where individuals feel appreciated for their contributions and their accomplishments.
With that said, it's time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions made during the 3rd Quarter of 2016.

Avatel Top Sales Performers for the 3rd Quarter:

  • July Top Performer – Jennifer Tishler – 236% Goal attainment
  • August Top Performer – Deb Woodford – 222% Goal attainment
  • September Top Performer – Richard Riccobono – 277% Goal attainment

Every Avatel Sales Team member should be proud of both individual and collective contributions to our sales effort. Congratulations on a GREAT 3rd Quarter

Next we announced the contributions to our 3rd Quarter results and the activity from our Service Dept.

Engineering Team – 1,520 Completed Service Tasks, 141 Demo/Customer Presales calls/Tech calls and 20 New Product Configurations.

Project Management Team – 1,490 solutions managed, 100 internal activity requests, 1,635 service tasks created and 22,295 Service calls handled with a 100.00% service level.

Service Excellence at Avatel is a way of working, a way of interacting, and a way of thinking about our jobs as we work together with others. Service excellence takes effort, dedication and commitment. Service excellence is an attitude engrained in every Avatel Engineer and Project Manager.

Contributions to our 3rd Quarter results and the activity from our Operation's Team

Understanding and effectively managing the operations side of Avatel is key to our success. The Avatel Operations Department is the backbone of all our business processes necessary for Avatel's day-to-day functioning.

Operations Team – The Finance Group handled 28,132 finance transactions, HR handled over 3,339 employee support transactions, and IT handled 44 CRM programming updates and performed 4 major Vault updates. Our Purchasing team processed over 1,743 product orders and employee internal requests.

We appreciate our Operations group for striving for excellence across all engagements.

Above & Beyond Awards

Deb Woodford – Deb consistently helps her co-workers (answering questions, making suggestions, sending motivating emails) all while maintaining her quota. Deb rises above and thinks outside the box. She is always looking for an answer or solution for her clients and co-workers. Thank you Deb for all of your hard work and dedication!

Bryan Kelley - Thank you Bryan for assisting management and supporting the newer associates. It's refreshing to know Avatel can count on you when a teammate is out, with no complaints, all while meeting or exceeding quota. Thank you Bryan - Your positivity shines and is appreciated. Way to go!

Angela McKnight - Angela is on the Project Management team and consistently goes above & beyond with every single one of her customers. She openly accepts the ownership of the customer's satisfaction from every perspective and she deserves to be acknowledged and recognized. Great job Angela!

Shawn Roderick – The role of a PM involves a significant amount of multi-tasking and attention to details associated with the management of several orders. Shawn's willingness to support extra tasks (outside of his daily workload) is evidence of his above and beyond behavior. His overall attitude and capabilities are also evidenced by the multiple commendations he received from his peers during Customer Service Week. Thank you Shawn for your hard work and dedication!

Jon Damiani - Jon has demonstrated diligence and dedication throughout his tenure as part of the Avatel family. Jon often goes above and beyond by staying after hours, at times as late as into the next morning. Along with tackling numerous daily emergencies, tasks and configuration requests, Jon has even volunteered to go to customer sites on weekends when an emergency arises. Jon's attention to detail, enthusiasm, positive attitude and determination has greatly contributed to Avatel's success. Thank you Jon for consistently going above and beyond normal expectations!

Emily Woodford and Rhonda Schmidt - for their unwavering dedication to Avatel, its customers and to their peers. Attitude is everything! Sure, we can teach skills, but it's nearly impossible to teach and instill enthusiasm, teamwork and independence. But, we have that here at Avatel with staff members like Emily and Rhonda. They are great employees because of their motivation for working on behalf of our customers and their co-workers. Thank you Emily and Rhonda, you guys are truly inspirational.

Gratitude allows us the ability to see not just what we have, but to see the value in what we have. Gratitude encourages each of us to reach higher because we feel valued, respected and important. So, as we celebrate our success, I want to thank each of you for bringing your best to work every single day. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work, commitment and dedication.

2016 Avatel Halloween Party

As always part of our Halloween activity is a costume contest. All Avatel team members voted on for their favorite costumes – scariest costume, funniest costume, and best overall costume.


Avatel Halloween Costume Winners!!!


Funniest – Laura Martinez as Darla in Finding Nemo


Scariest – Annette Duarte as a Ninja


Best Overall Costume – Jennifer Smalling as Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians



Avatel Customer Service Week 2016 – October 3rd - 7th

During the first full week in October we honor the people who serve and support our customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism. This year’s Customer Service Week theme was Service Champions. The theme recognizes that delivering excellent service is only possible with a team of dedicated professionals working together. It’s a powerful message that everyone celebrated during Customer Service Week 2016. 

Service-oriented departments are the backbone of any successful business. As we celebrate our Service Champions, we shine a spotlight on their selfless and hard-working technical support and customer care excellence.

We believe that it is important to recognize our Service Staff and express thanks and appreciation for what they do throughout the year but specifically during the first week of October.  Our Fearless PM Champions - Johnann, Lonnie, Jennifer, Tom, Shawn, Yessie, Teryle, Angela, and their Leader Rick Heitzmann. Our invincible Engineering Champions - Garrett, Frank, Joseph, Jeff, Jon, our newest team member Chris Perez, and their leader Bruce Brewer. And of course, the unstoppable Jim Kelly. 

The week of celebration at Avatel was filled with a wide-range of activities that capture the spirit of Customer Service Week, focused on recognizing our Service Department for their hard work and commitment to service. Avatel celebrated Customer Service Week in style by incorporating fun activities, tempting treats and special gifts that made it a week to remember for our Service Champions.

On Monday, we kicked off the week with our Breakfast of Champions with team members dressed in comfy pajamas and cozy slippers. Special gifts were handed out to make the week memorable. 

 Tuesday, all Champions need to De-stress – All Service team members received a chair massage to relieve stress and muscle tension - renewing energy levels, enhancing concentration and focus. Our Service Champions enjoyed some afternoon dessert as “Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts”. 

On Wed. we served a Service Champions thank you lunch catered by Olive Garden and presented to the service team members as an Italian Buffett. Special gifts were handed out to express our gratitude. 

Champion’s theme day was on Thursday - All Service team members were encouraged to come to work dressed as their favorite sports champions (sports jerseys, etc.). We also had to keep our Service Champions in tiptop shape, so surved sports drinks, energy bars, and other healthy snacks throughout the day. 

To close out the week, we honored our Service Team Champions at our recognition dinner at the Outback Steakhouse on  Friday evening so Avatel could show our appreciation for all of their dedication and service excellence.


Champions do so much more than win. Part attitude, part natural ability, and part hard work, living your life like a champion is possible in all walks of life. Our Avatel Service Champions identify the gifts that they've been given and seek to develop them into expertise.

Every day, our frontline service professionals are Champions in their customer’s eyes and their co-workers that they support. Being a Champion is partly a list of achievements, but even more so a state of mind. Being a Champion has to do with knowing–really knowing–that you're the best at what you do.

We think it is vitally important to recognize people who provide positive experiences through the service they provide. Customer Service Week gave us the perfect opportunity to show the Avatel Service Department that we appreciate their hard work and dedication, as we see them for the true Champions they are!


July 2016

2nd Quarter 2016 Review and Awards Ceremony

Every day Avatel Team Members drive the company forward. Our team's motivation, commitment, and expertise have made Avatel the company it is today. I'm extremely proud of our Avatel team and the success in growing our business. We believe that when we focus on and celebrate success, we actually create more success. So, with that said it is time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions made during this 2nd Quarter of 2016.

Avatel Sales Department

Every Avatel Sales team member should be proud of both individual and collective contributions to our sales effort.

2nd Quarter 2016 Top Sales Performers:

  • April Top Performer – Kim Whisman – 298% Goal attainment
  • May Top Performer – Rujel Brooks – 262% Goal attainment
  • June Top Performer – Deb Woodford – 309% Goal attainment
  • 2nd Quarter 2016 Top Sales Performer – Deb Woodford – 162% 2nd Quarter Goal attainment



Congratulations on a Fantastic 2nd Quarter Sales Teams!

Avatel Support Department

Great support takes effort, dedication and commitment. Excellence is an attitude engrained in every Support Department Team Member. We sincerely thank our team members for the work they do to make Avatel great. Without their commitment and high standards, we would not be the thriving company we are.



We are happy to announce the contributions to our 2nd Quarter results and the unbelievable efforts that our support departments provided.

Engineering Team – Avatel Engineers are the technical experts that deliver our solutions with agility and speed. Their knowledge positions them as a resource with a proven track record of success; through customer and staff support, system configuration and customer demos to assisting techs in the field, and complex site implementations. We sincerely appreciate Our Avatel Engineers as they consistently demonstrate performance at a level far above and beyond normal expectations.

2nd Quarter Activity – 1,544 Completed Service Tasks, 141 Demo/Customer Presales calls/Tech calls and 75 New Product Configurations.

Project Management Team – Avatel PM's all stand out for above and beyond behaviour. They display excellent skills, strong support of co-workers, excellent customer service abilities, exhibits drive and enthusiasm and has an optimistic attitude. All of our PM's are resilient and are determined to achieve their personal bests. I want to thank our Fantastic PM's for your excellent execution and continued dedication.

2nd Quarter Activity – 1,168 solutions managed, 1,743 service tasks created and 19,096 Service calls handled with a 99.76% service level.

Operations Team – We all understand how important Sales and Service is to Avatel; however, The Avatel Operations Department is necessary for Avatel's day-to-day functioning and is the backbone of all our business processes. Our empowered operations team has a significant reach throughout the organization. Understanding and effectively managing the operations side of Avatel is key to our success. We appreciate our Operations group for driving flawless execution across all engagements.

2nd Quarter Activity - The Finance Group handled 26,324 finance transactions and Avatel HR handled over 271 employee support transactions. Avatel IT handled programed 34 CRM and Avatel Vault updates. The Avatel Purchasing team processed over 1,568 product orders and employee internal requests.

Congratulations on a VERY productive Quarter Support Departments!



Great job Everyone!!!




April 2016
1st Quarter 2016 Review and Awards Ceremony



It's time to celebrate all our Avatel team members and recognize the accomplishments and contributions made during this 1st Quarter of the year. The more we celebrate our achievements, the more there is to celebrate!

Avatel Sales Department

"To build winning sales teams and a successful department,
You must create a culture of greatness"

In a culture of greatness we create a collective mind-set that expects great things to happen—even during challenging times. We expect our team members to be their best and we try to create a work environment that allows them to be their best.

In a culture of greatness we don't allow negativity to sabotage the moral, performance and success of our co-workers. We find countless ways to enhance communication, build trust and relationships that are the foundation upon which winning teams are built. While most organizations waste a lot of time putting out fires, we spend our time building a great sales organization that rises above the competition.

1st Quarter 2016 Top Sales Performers:

  • January Top Performer – Deb Woodford – 206% Goal attainment
  • February Top Performer – Teresa Boully – 290% Goal attainment
  • March Top Performer – Frank Fautas – 265% Goal attainment
  • 1st Quarter 2016 Top Sales Performer – Teresa Boully – 187% 1st Quarter Goal attainment

Congratulations on a "GREAT" 1st Quarter Sales Teams!



Next we announced the contributions to our 1st Quarter results and the unbelievable efforts that our support departments provided.

Avatel Support Departments

The support staff plays a very vital role in any business. At Avatel we understand how crucial our support staff team members are for the productivity of all Avatel Associates. A Great support staff truly makes the difference between a mediocre company and an excellent company.

Engineering Team – 1612 Completed Service Tasks, 80 Demo/Customer Presales calls/Tech calls and 89 New Product Configurations.

Project Management Team - 1043 solutions managed, 89 internal activity requests, 1811 service tasks created and 14,230 Service calls handled with a 99.75% service level.

Operations Team – The Finance Group handled 26,246 finance transactions and Avatel HR handled over 184 employee support transactions. Avatel IT handled programed 30 CRM and Avatel Vault updates. The Avatel Purchasing team processed over 1,483 product orders and employee internal requests.

Congratulations on a VERY productive Quarter Support Departments!


2015 Year-end Review and Celebration

As we focus on what we want to accomplish in 2016, it's also important to take the time to look back at past successes and to celebrate our accomplishments. In our culture, we are always looking ahead at where we want to be and what we want to achieve. However, it is equally important to take the time to celebrate and acknowledge our success. Focusing on our success creates a positive culture that leads to further success.

The more we celebrate our achievements, the more there is to celebrate!

Our Year-end review was most definitely a celebration! It was about coming together and recounting our individual and collective achievements in 2015. Celebrating our success and applauding our hard work allows us take ourselves more seriously and develops confidence and healthy pride –
as well as giving us proof that we are learning, growing and succeeding.

 At the beginning of 2015, we had to make a choice, either enable growth or inhibit it. Our choice was clear, if we were to achieve new heights and revenue marks in 2015, we had to shift our mindset from maintaining to growing and create a culture that embraced growth.

Before we closed the book on another year, we take some time to review the results from our 2015 Growth Plan initiative.

• We upgraded our technology infrastructure to sustain our growth initiatives.
• We remodeled our building to accommodate our growth.
• We hired a new team of successful sales associates.
• We hired three new PM's and one new Service Desk Associate - all performing above expectations.
• We promoted four individuals - all stepping up to the plate and all going above and beyond in their positions.
• We hired one new talented Engineer.
• We also brought on a new Service Director at the end of the year.
• Last but not least, we exceeded our 2015 financial goal.

2015 Avatel Staff Recognition

There are stars among us, and our recognition not only helps them to shine brighter,
but helps us to see our own possibilities more clearly.

We have Rising Star's, Shooting Star's and Shinning Star's, that deserve to sparkle!

All our Avatel Star's shine bright as we recognize their 2015 shimmering achievements!


Sales is what drives Avatel's growth. Adding sales personnel and improving our existing sales staff have been essential parts of growing our company. Let's face it, nothing happens until something is sold. The Avatel Sales Staff aren't just the people responsible for building our bottom line. They're also our front-line troops, the ones with the most daily contact with our customers. With that said, we understood the importance to not only grow our sales force, but to grow it properly.

Sales Department Recognition - The Avatel Sales team (new and tenured) are an efficient revenue machine. They have a set of clear cut goals and targets which they are driven to achieve. Our action oriented sales group follows their plan, works to achieve their targets, and pursues success through hard work each and every day. The Avatel Sales Team has a winning edge strategy that pushes them to make one extra call, one last attempt, and one more task before calling it a day.

Avatel 2015 Top Sales Revenue Performer – Teresa Boully
Avatel 2015 Top Sales Ramp-up Revenue Performer - Daniel Meunier
Avatel 2015 Top System Sales Units – Rujel Buggs

Sales Rising Star Recipients – Katrina Noel and Darren Brantley
Sales Shooting Star Recipients – Frank Fautas, Evelyn Guzman and Bryan Kelley
Sales Shinning Star Recipient – Fred Sternberg


Our mission is to be recognized as the standard of excellence in the telecommunications industry, through our dedication to knowledge, emphasis on teamwork and an eye towards addressing customer needs and delivering unsurpassed service. At Avatel, we strive to sustain a culture of service excellence, from system design and implementation to project management, customer training and ongoing service support.The Avatel Service Departments technical ability, has enabled us to be a leading player in our industry.

Avatel Project Manager Recognition - Our PM's have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to help ensure a successful, transition of technology for our customers. Their key objective is to exceed our customer's expectations and bring a higher set of quality and customer service standards to our industry.

Most total orders processed – Johnann Favata
Most system orders processed – Lonnie Ledford
Most drop ship, MAC, data orders processed – Angela McKnight
Most service orders processed – Jennifer Smalling

Help Desk - Teryle Dickens - above 99% service level

CSAT Champion – Lonnie Ledford
PM Rising Star Recipient – Yessie Valentin
PM Shooting Star Recipients – Tom Wood and Shawn Roderick

Avatel Engineer Recognition - Avatel's Engineers make communications technology the best it can be. They are the technical experts that help deliver our solutions with agility and speed in order to help maintain our competitive edge. Our "Task Master's" are confident in their abilities through unmatched technical expertise and depth. They have strong problem solving abilities and excellent communication skills.

Avatel "Taskmaster" - Most service tasks completed in 2015 - Jeff Chancey
Avatel "Jack of all trades, Master of many" - Lem Riddick
Avatel "Service Excellence" - Frank Peraza - For providing world class customer service in the field

Engineer Rising Star Recepient - Jon Damiani
Engineer Shooting Star Recepient – Garrett Phillips
Engineer Shinning Star Recepient – Joseph Ramos

The Avatel Operations department is the department that handles all the day to day operations of the business and the glue that holds the organization together. They are responsible for driving operational excellence across the organization as they focus on People, Processes and Profitability. They consist of team members that support all of our business functions: HR, IT, Finance and Procurement. They work together to create the backbone of all our business processes.

Avatel Operations Department Recognition

Finance Team- Money is the lifeblood of a business and finance is the nerve center. The Finance department is responsible for all the day to day transactional accounting for the business through accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Finance Rising Star Recipient - April Peoples
Finance Shooting Star Recipient – Annette Duarte

Human Resources Team - The Operations department is also responsible for Avatel's HR functions such as payroll administration, securing, offering and explaining benefits, like health insurance or 401ks more.

HR Shinning Star Recipient - Brandye Byers

Purchasing and Procurement Team - The role of Avatel's Purchasing team is to provide the right product, at the right price, at the right place and at the right time, to meet the needs of Avatel staff members and our customers.

Purchasing Team Rising Star Recipient – Keon Himes
Purchasing Team Shinning Star Recipient - Joey Martinez

IT Team - The Avatel IT department enables our business users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely.

IT Shinning Star Recipient – Joe C.

Our year-end review allowed the whole Avatel family to come together and recognize everyone's individual hard work as well as everyone's collaborative works. We believe that it is really important to take a look back to see how far we've come. It not only put us in a positive mindset as we set goals for 2016, it created the positive momentum needed to achieve even higher goals in the year ahead.

Every day that dawns, brings with it the opportunity for growth and improvement at Avatel. What doesn't work, can be repaired. What does work, can be made better. What is good, can be made great.

2015 was a year of great success for Avatel. I want to thank all our Avatel family members for their contributions to Avatel's success in 2015.


I want to thank each of you for your contributions to Avatel's success in 2015. Now it's time to toast to all of your 2015 accomplishments as you've earned it! Here's to the Avatel team!



Together we will make 2016 shine!







Avatel Christmas 2015



Just as last year, our Holiday theme for 2015 involved Christmas Elves. According to the legends, elves are magical, mischievous pranksters who make special appearances during the lead up to Christmas. At Avatel, we have discovered that the Christmas Elves are adventurous! Their Elfcapades range from the sweet to the mischievous and have been known to get up to all sorts of pranks and mischief in the Avatel office. We never know where our Magic Elf will turn up!


Avatel Elfcapades



The good news is that when this magical creature made a visit to an Avatel workspace, he released performance enhancing magic in their direction. All they had to do is believe and the magic began to move in ways they could only imagine. Apparently, Elves love to be in pictures. See all the Magic Elf selfies below with their new Avatel friends.



Christmas 2015 Toy Drive



Elf Magic is the Christmas spirit you can hold in your hand and feel in your heart! At Avatel, the Christmas elves spark the spirit of giving with our Avatel Christmas Toy Drive as we partner with Metropolitan Ministries to provide toys to boys and girls.



Avatel appreciates our Volunteer Elves – Andrew, Yesie, Eric and Teryle.



We believe that our holiday toy drive helps families with children rediscover the magic of the season


Naughty & Nice Christmas Elf Party



On Christmas Eve, we all joined together for great food, happy Elf punch, and our Naughty Elf gift exchange game. Of course, during our game, Elf Bribing, Elf haggling, and Elf pleading was part of the game. We were also blessed to have some of the Avatel children join the fun.







Also, last year we held a contest for the most creative Elf attire, and the year before we did an Ugly Christmas sweater contest. We added a twist this year and offered two prizes – One prize for the best Elf outfit attire and one prize for the most whimsical (outrageous) outfit (ugly Christmas sweater, crazy Santa, or anything funny and outrageous).


Our winners Dan and Keon outdid themselves!



All Avatel family members hope your holidays were blessed. Now, since the holidays are over it's time to get ready for the New Year! Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year!!



November – The Avatel Giving Spirit is alive and well


November is not only about gratitude, it is also about giving. Giving brings virtues such as understanding, respect, compassion, gratitude, and humility together into a powerfully positive and enduring act. The spirit of giving is a sustaining force, enriching whatever endeavor or circumstance it touches.


As part of Avatel's Giving Back program, every year we team up with Metropolitan Ministries to provide holiday meals for struggling individuals and families in our community. Our food drive is a great way to give back and feed the hungry families in our community, as it gives them a sense of hope for the day and warmth in their tummies and hearts.



Thanks to the generosity of our Avatel team members and Andrew and Teryle volunteering, our gifts of hope provided homeless and hurting families with warm meals on Thanksgiving.


Every time you interact with someone else, you have the opportunity to give that person some kind of value. Whether it is a thing, or a thought, a gesture or a kind word, the most powerful gifts are those that come straight from the heart.


Avatel Harvest Brunch


Harvest, by definition is the season for gathering. So, our Harvest Brunch was a great time to gather together and interact with each other.




We believe that every day is rich with opportunities for each one of us to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.





October 2015 Updates Our theme for the month of October was ~ "Let's Make Some Magic Happen".



The world is a magical place. Just because you have grown accustomed to the magic does not make it any less so. The real magic of life is not a trick or a supernatural phenomenon, it is in the fact that you can see, feel, think, choose, live and love.


At Avatel, we believe that every day is our opportunity to perform magic in this life and in this world. If the day is dreary, we can brighten it with our words and our actions. We understand that our days can be filled with magic only if we make it so. Our Avatel team members use every opportunity to fill each moment with the real and priceless magic of being fully and positively engaged in life. At Avatel, we experience the magic and the joy of simply being around the people who make us feel that anything is possible in this world.


3rd Quarter 2015 Review and Awards Ceremony


We started our 3rd Quarter review with the exciting news that we broke our all-time record with our sales results for the Quarter.


Then we announced our top Sales Performers for the Quarter:


  • July Top Performer – Laura Martinez – 303% Goal attainment
  • August Top Performer – Laura Martinez – 297% Goal attainment
  • September Top Performer – Dan Meunier – 265% Goal attainment


Next we announced the contributions to our 3rd Quarter results and the unbelievable efforts that our support departments provided. We had record breaking activity in all support groups.


Engineering Team – 1644 Completed Service Tasks, 126 Demo/Customer Presales calls/Tech calls and 83 New Product Configurations.


Project Management Team - 1365 solutions managed, 123 internal activity requests, 1643 service tasks created and 5148 Service calls handled with a 99.73% service level.


Operations Team – The Finance Group handled 23,540 finance transactions, HR handled over 300 employee support transactions, and IT handled programed 26 CRM programming updates and developed a new Avatel proprietary remote desktop access tool and our Purchasing team processed over 1700 product orders and employee internal requests.


Shining Star Awards


Bruce Brewer – You've lifted us to new heights. You've surpassed expectations and reached for the stars. You motivate others to perform at their best, leading your Team toward ultimate success. Thank you for your remarkable performance.


Jim Kelly - Your outstanding dedication and leadership have been truly appreciated by the entire organization. Your attitude, outlook and commitment inspire us onward and upward. Thank you for always leading the way.


3rd Quarter - Avaya and Scansource/Catalyst Hot Deals for Hot days Distributer Promotion


With our outstanding results from the Quarter, it was no surprise that Avatel won 3 out of the 8 weekly sweepstakes drawings based on our product orders. We then held our own drawing to reward all 3 hardworking depts. with the prizes. Our winners were:


  • Kevin Woodford – Sales Associate in the Sales Dept.
  • Joey Martinez – Purchasing Manager in the Operations Dept.
  • Lonnie Ledford – Senior Project Manager in the Service Dept.


2015 Avatel Halloween Party


A Halloween celebration at Avatel would not be complete without good food, good drinks (including a little Witches Brew) and the opportunity for Avatel family members to wear costumes.











As always part of our Halloween activity is a costume contest. All Avatel team members voted on for their favorite costumes – scariest costume, funniest costume, and best overall costume.


Avatel Halloween Costume Winners!!!


Funniest – Andrew and Tom



Scariest – Keon



Best Overall – Deb and Annette




October 2015 – Avatel Celebrates Customer Service Week


Customer service is not just a department, it's an attitude. Whether our service team members are interacting with customers or with co-workers, rewarding their willingness to serve others is our top priority.


With that said, Avatel was proud to celebrate Customer Service Week 2015, October 5th – October 9th. We believe that it is important to recognize our Service Staff and express thanks and appreciation for what they do throughout the year but specifically during the first week of October.


This year's CSW theme was Everyday Heroes. The theme recognized that every day, frontline service professionals are heroes in their customer's eyes and their co-workers that they support. Avatel, along with other companies across the country came together to recognize the everyday heroes in our midst: our selfless and hard-working technical support and customer service teams.


This was our 5th year participating with other service professionals world-wide as we celebrated our Service team member's achievements. Service-oriented departments are the backbone of any successful business, and there wasn't a better time to shine the spotlight on our dedicated teams!


CSW is our greatest opportunity to show the service department staff that we appreciate their hard work and dedication!!! As their customer service and great attitude shines bright for all to see!























The week of celebration at Avatel was filled with a wide-range of activities that capture the spirit of CSW, focused on recognizing our Service Department for their hard work and commitment to service. Avatel celebrated CSW in style by incorporating fun activities, tempting treats and special gifts that made it a week to remember.





September 2015


For the month of September, we put a challenge to the Avatel Sales Associates. We challenged the team members to achieve a six figure sales month. We called the challenge “The Six Figure Success Club”.



The reward for meeting and or exceeding the challenge was an afternoon at the Hard Rock Café including lunch, drinks and a little gambling fun.



The winners had a GREAT time, as you can see!







2nd Quarter 2015 Awards and Recognition Ceremony and Bowling Party


Finding the motivation to stay focused, work hard and believe in your dreams requires mental strength, fortitude and dedication. It's one thing to have a dream; it's another to set goals and to work hard year after year, month after month, day after day to achieve it.


By celebrating our achievements, we not only acknowledge a winning result but also reinforce the attitudes and behaviours that contributed to the successful outcome. When we get excited, rejoice, celebrate and feel genuinely happy for someone else's success and good fortune, we are moving this energy and information forward into the Universe. We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.


Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated for doing a great job. Receiving recognition for achievements is one of the most fundamental human needs. I want to take this opportunity to thank All Avatel team members for your excellent execution and continued dedication.


Avatel 2nd Quarter 2015 Top Sales Performers


April 2015 Top Sales – Jorge Rodriguez


May 2015 Top Sales – Bryan Kelley


June 2015 Top Sales Performer – Kim Whisman


2nd Quarter 2015 Top Sales Performer – Kim Whisman




Avatel 2nd Quarter 2015 Shining Star Award


Emily Woodford – Avatel Sales Assistant


Emily has been going above and beyond the minute she took her first step at Avatel. When Emily is given a task she not only completes it with accuracy but always on time and stays on task. Dedicated, tenacious and organized are words that easily describe Emily. She champions the issues and helps each AE work through them in a timely fashion.


Emily is truly an asset to Avatel. She is more than we could have ever asked for. Emily ALWAYS goes above and beyond for Avatel. Thank you for being such a shining star and always giving your best. We are so very happy you are part of our family.




Avatel 2nd Quarter 2015 Shooting Star Awards


Tom Wood – Avatel Project Manager



Since joining Avatel in February, Tom has done an outstanding job in Service. When Andrew Cohen was promoted to a Sales Management role, Tom stepped in and took over managing the Avaya Legacy Program, which was no small task. It means keeping/tracking data on every install, which requires coordination with all the PMs. It involves weekly calls with Avaya, going over and refining the entire process.


Tom has been the liaison between Avaya and Avatel on the install process and has communicated effectively to both sides as we improved the process along the way. Tom has demonstrated a high level of customer service skills when dealing with our customers.


Shawn Roderick – Avatel Project Manager



In the short time Shawn has been here, he has been an outstanding asset to Avatel. Shawn quickly grasped our processes and almost immediately maintained a workload on par with our tenured PMs. In addition, Shawn has demonstrated outstanding customer service skills and how to effectively work through issues with our customers and with the Avaya TSMs and Technicians.


Bowling Fun


At Avatel, we're committed to building a winning company. While we are very serious about winning, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. A winning workplace culture must also be a fun environment. Fun is a big element of our culture at Avatel. So, let's go bowling!






We have fun together and we work hard together, which creates a team spirit of working together as one. Avatel has a unique winning culture that is supported by extraordinary team spirit and having a good time.


Companies like Avatel, rise above the noise and get noticed!



Avatel Spirit Week 2015


The reason for Spirit Week is to promote a positive morale and create a work atmosphere of team spirit. I believe that group spirit bonds people together. Companies that foster team member’s interaction are in a better position to be successful and a workplace infused with team spirit is one that is energized, innovative and motivated. Avatel’s Spirit Week is meant to stimulate social activity, which contributes to higher camaraderie. Team members are eager to come to work because it is a place where they can thrive professionally and enjoy the company of co-workers.


Contrary to popular belief, play and work are not mutually exclusive! I believe that a playful workplace relieves stress, increases motivation, and builds relationships with coworkers. When companies promote play, it engenders a more lighthearted atmosphere. When companies lighten up and create a fun workplace, there is a significant increase in the level of employee trust, creativity and communication.


After a well-deserved long Memorial Day week-end, we began our week with “Crazy Mismatch Day”.


Twisted Tuesday/Crazy Mismatch Day


We came to work on Tuesday with crazy hair, freaky mismatched clothes, strange mismatched socks and shoes, and clashing patterns.





Two of our “Best Dressed” team members – Annette and Jennifer





Wacky Wednesday/Disco Day


On Wednesday, we went back in time to the Disco era. Oh my! Our Disco queens and kings from the '70s put on their sequins and bright colors, min dresses, bell bottoms, flashy jewelry, and whatever else looks good on the dance floor. We also brought the DISCO DONUTS mobile mini-donut cart to our office that served hot, fresh mini-donuts while playing Disco music on our patio area.









Pajama Day / Pillow Talk Thursday


On Thursday, we celebrated Spirit Week in our pajamas. We called it “Pillow Talk Thursday”. We Just got out of bed and came to work as we were!- Pajama Day is the ultimate comfiness at Avatel. We wore our festive pajama bottoms, flannels, footie pajamas and fluffy slippers, along with enjoying each other’s company as we feasted at the breakfast buffet.








Freaky Friday Beach Day


We all came to work dressed in our favorite beach attire, shorts and Hawaiian shirts, beach dresses, flip flops and straw hats. We enjoyed the Avatel Happy Hour from 4:30 – 6:00 on the patio. The Kona Ice truck served up our choice of tropical shaved ice drinks, along with our adult beverage Tiki bar. Avatel team members had lots of fun with the water guns and our hula hoop contest.

















We had several team members that stood out during Spirit Week that showed great team spirit and a willingness to let loose and have some fun. Annette Duarte and Jennifer Smalling were chosen as the individuals that displayed what Spirit Week is all about.


And, let’s not forget our Hula Hoop contest. Brandye Byers was hands down the best of the best!


Annette and Jennifer Brandye



At Avatel, we believe that a fun work environment is one in which formal and informal activities occur regularly that are designed to uplift people’s spirits and remind people of their value to our organization, and to each other.


Avatel Family, Thanks for the great Spirit Week 2015 memories!!