Data Network Solutions

Today’s enterprise network needs to be a highly focused resource capable of providing a mobile and diverse workforce with efficient, effective access to the tools and applications that drive productivity.

Traditional networks were not designed in consideration of today’s mobile and diverse workforce. To help ensure that your enterprise has a fit-for-purpose network, rather than a general purpose network, Avatel will design an Avaya network solution that addresses three key requirements: resiliency, efficiency, and scalability. The increased reliability, efficiency and scalability ultimately translates to lower capital and operating costs while delivering a competitive advantage for enterprises operating in today’s more distributed, collaborative environments.



Avatel provides the data networking solution you need to achieve continuous and secure communications. As real-time communications continue to evolve, the data network begins to facilitate communications-enabled business services, while transporting other critical business applications. Networks that enable voice, data, and video to share the same infrastructure are quickly becoming a reality, providing new ways for businesses to save money and achieve a greater competitive advantage.

Avatel understands that Enterprises today need more than just choice when looking at networking solutions. They clearly need solutions that will empower them to quickly respond to changing business requirements, improve time to service, while simplifying their network and reducing costs. The Avaya data solutions deliver some of the most advanced technologies available, enabling enterprises to build dependable networks with a significant return on investment.

Here is a quick look at some of the key architectural elements of the Avaya Fit for Purpose network infrastructure:

Bringing Resiliency to a New Level

Avaya’s Fit for Purpose approach to resiliency is based on its Switch Clustering technology and also by more effectively managing routine maintenance operations as well as unplanned outages. These and other capabilities enable Avaya to deliver up to seven times better resiliency than the market share leader, providing uncompromising end-to-end availability for real-time applications such as VoIP.

Efficient Network Performance

A good business is run just this side of ‘lean and mean’; a Fit for Purpose network must be designed with the same sensibility. Avaya solutions are able to deliver up to 20 times better performance with one-third less equipment through an architecture designed to maximize all resources and investments, eliminating idle or underutilized links, equipment and even entire “architectural tiers”.

Scalability for Future-Readiness

No individual product can ever be cost-effectively future-proofed. Instead a Fit for Purpose network takes advantage of a variety of innovations—virtualized, multi-device platforms, streamlined architectures, automatic QoS and role-based security—to more effectively scale as business demands evolve and grow, maximizing capacity utilization, easily accommodating incremental growth and avoiding unnecessary and costly fork-lift upgrades.

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The goal for Avatel is to deliver a consistent, enterprise-class experience, one that supports context-aware collaboration that is always-on, simplified and virtualized. A key building block for this vision is Avaya’s Fit for Purpose network.

For more information on the intelligent, cost-saving capabilities of Avaya Fit for Purpose network solutions, click here or contact an Avatel Network Specialist at 866.835.2661.