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With the uncertainty in the marketplace, many companies are scrambling to reevaluate how they can best allocate resources to ensure viability. Equipment leasing may be the answer. Leasing offers a valuable financing package that allows companies to maximize their purchasing power. Business owners rely on equipment every day -- good economy or bad-to operate and grow their businesses.

You deserve access to the latest equipment and technology. You will have the flexibility to upgrade to the newest releases, features and functionality as they become available. Leasing is often the financing solution of choice for businesses that hesitate to buy equipment because they fear it will become obsolete before they can fully depreciate it.

About 80 percent of large and small businesses in the United States use equipment finance to fund their operations… it is one of the most important ways for businesses to invest in capital while managing their balance sheets and cash flow.

Avatel is your financing specialist, helping you structure a leasing solution tailored specifically to your organization’s unique challenges, cash flow concerns, and tax management priorities. A lease is a simple and economical way to obtain the benefits of the latest technology without assuming the up-front costs, and risks, of ownership.

Key benefits

  • Improves cash flow and liquidity
  • Minimizes risk of obsolescence
  • Minimizes resources and costs associated with asset disposition
  • Helps achieve desired treatment for financial reporting purposes
  • Takes advantage of a regular technology-refresh capability

Take Advantage of New Technology - and Stay in Budget!

Avatel offers cost-effective technology leasing options designed to reduce your total cost of ownership, keep your infrastructure current, and streamline your technology acquisition processes. Most importantly, you can acquire state-of-the-art technology without the capital burdens! You are provided with straightforward leasing documentation, competitive rates, and the flexibility to choose the lease term and method of payment that works for you.

Top reasons to Lease

Stretch Your IT Budget - Many companies struggle to balance the need for new technology with budget constraints. The monthly payments of a leasing program help to stretch budget dollars.

  • Upgrade Technology as Needed - As your technology requirements change, leasing gives you the ability to add-on or upgrade your technology when the need arises.
  • Tax Advantages - You may be able to either write off monthly payments as an operating expense or capitalize the outlay. Please consult your local tax adviser for specific details on this important benefit.
  • Conserve Capital - Leasing means no large lump sum outlay for your IT solution - you spread the cost of the solution over the lease term, which evens out your cash flow and retains capital for other profitable uses like a new espresso machine for the lunch room.
  • Budgeting Advantages - Leasing guarantees you a fixed monthly payment for the length of the term, simplifying the budgeting process.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership - Start with a lease customized to your specific financial and technological needs. Add leased asset tracking services and integrated administrative processes to reduce lifecycle management costs. And finally, utilize end-of-life solutions for old equipment removal. Now, you're really saving money.
  • Preserve Existing Credit Lines - Leased equipment serves as the collateral for lease agreements so that existing credit lines and borrowing capabilities are preserved.
  • Investment Protection - Minimize the risks and expenses associated with owning out dated technology (nobody likes outdated technology).
  • Accounting Flexibility - Multiple lease term options and payment methods can be tailored to meet expense budgets and accounting requirements.

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