Mobility Solutions

Innovation, productivity and responsiveness depend on mobile solutions that make communications seamless. Avatel can help empower your employees and deliver the people-centric tools that make a difference every day in productivity, customer support and overall enterprise performance.

As mobility becomes the rule rather than the exception, enterprise mobile communications strategies are evolving from providing convenient reachability to delivering tools that maximize individual and team performance. Mobile communications are changing the way people do business. An array of market trends and economic factors are making users and businesses increasingly mobile. Terms such as teleworker, road warrior, campus nomad and virtual office describe a very different work environment than in years past.

The mobile workplace creates opportunities for increased productivity, empowering organizations to conduct business as usual anytime and anywhere. To remain competitive, organizations need the ability for employees to access voice, e-mail, and fax messages easily; dial one number to reach associates, and use the same communication features wherever they are working - on the road, at home, or in the office.

Key Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity - Optimize opportunities for collaboration by taking advantage of presence and availability indicators. Use visual voicemail, consolidated call logs, unified contact lists, and access to corporate directories for fast, easy, context-based communication. Take advantage of VIP lists to allow only key callers to reach you, minimizing interruptions during off-hours or critical meetings.
  • Critical Information Access - You have secured remote access to the information you need, where and when you need it, through a single source.
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement - Equipping your employees with mobility solutions allows you to provide a more visible presence to your customers and enhance their perception of your availability.
  • Improved Customer Interactions - Reduce the chance of missing important calls by simultaneously ringing the desk phone and up to four other devices. Seamlessly transfer calls between mobile devices and the desk phone or computer-based software client for true, one-number portability. Whether they are roaming the office, working virtually, or working from a customer location, employees can be contacted through a single number.
  • Reduce Costs – Reduce mobile charges by routing all outgoing mobile calls through the enterprise network. Single number reach sends inbound mobile-device calls to an enterprise voice mailbox, enabling access to messages through landlines and enterprise networks. Additionally, visual voicemail allows low-cost data download of voice messages instead of more costly dial in to the voice mailbox.

Avaya mobility solutions are designed to provide a streamlined, consistent and connected collaboration experience for business users regardless of the location or devices they have at their disposal.

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